Retreat Itinerary

* “Dinner on your own” meals are not included in the retreat package.
** Sessions with our healing practitioners are optional and not included.

Day 1 - Arrive and Adjust to Altitude, Cusco

Please plan to arrive at Casa de La Gringa no later than early afternoon (mid to late morning is best to acclimatize to the 11,150 ft altitude). Settle-in before afternoon opening circle and introduction to Peruvian Shamanic Cosmology and Sacred Plant Medicines. We will gather for evening meal followed by free time to explore the city.

Day 2 - Sacsayhuaman Temple, Cusco & Iorana Retreat, Sacred Valley

Morning hike up to explore the impressive Pre-Incan Sacsayhuaman Temple before transfer to the Sacred Valley, stopping for lunch in Pisaq; a rich colonial village known for its colorful handicraft market. there will be time to explore and shop. Relaxing afternoon at Iorana retreat center followed by an introduction to the shamanic traditions of Amazonian Plant Medicines by the Heart Wisdom team. Evening meal will be served followed by a restorative sound bath healing ceremony.

Day 3 - Pago a La Tierra Despacho and Ceremony with La Madre, Sacred Valley

Spiritual offering to Mother earth with a despacho ceremony, conducted by Q´ero shamans, (the wisdom keepers of the Inca, traditionally known as Paqos, meaning Priest or Mystic in Quechua). This is an ancient way of prayer in the Andes and powerful way to express gratitude, by giving back to nature and asking protection from the higher realms. Lunch will served, then an optional afternoon yoga session, followed by rest time and healing sessions** with our skilled practitioners in preparation for our evening ceremony. We will explore the mysteries of La Madre in ceremony with the Heart Wisdom team.

Day 4 - Rest and Integration, Ceremony with La Madre, Sacred Valley

Morning sharing circle and integration time, followed by optional group yoga class and individual healing sessions** with our practitioners. Late lunch will be served followed by a discussion of shamanic practices to cultivate stronger connections with the plant kingdom. Afternoon free for resting and preparation for our second ceremony deepening our relations with La Madre and our hearts in the evening.

Day 5 – Integration and Indigenous Andean Sound Healing, Sacred Valley

Following breakfast we have a day to deeply integrate our experiences and the heart wisdom cultivated during ceremony, you can enjoy individual healing sessions** with our practitioners. Lunch will be served followed by a soul nourishing session with a renowned local indigenous shamanic sound healer using ancient Andean musical instruments. We will gather for dinner followed by time to play or rest in the evening.

Day 6 – Ollantaytambo Archeological Site, Train Ride to Machu Picchu

Morning drive to the town of Ollantaytambo (called Ollanta by locals) where the powerful solar alignments and pre-incan architecture will activate and balance our energies. We will have lunch in town then take a train ride through the magnificent valley to Aguas Calientes, the base town of Machu Picchu where we check-in to Inti-Wasi Hostal and Spiritual Center. Prior to our evening meal there will be a cleansing ceremony with Maestro Kucho, the guardian and shaman of Machu Picchu with time to relax and enjoy this magical village.

Day 7 - The Crystal City, Machu Picchu

Rise early to experience the birth of the morning light in Machu Picchu, (which means ‘old mountain’ in Quechua) and to commune deeply in the magic and mystery of this majestic Inca urban empire, guided by Maestro Kucho and assisted by Gaby. We’ll have  a delicious buffet lunch within this historic sanctuary with the afternoon free to wander, explore or meditate in the temples, or hike to the Sun Gate or Inka Bridge. Back in town enjoy dinner on your own* and explore the beauty amd history of this ancient and mystical Incan civilization.

Day 8 - Huayna Picchu, Abuelito Ceremony with Maestro Kucho

Experience the magnificence and energetic power of Huayna Picchu as we hike the young pyramid overlooking Machu Picchu and the Crystal City. We will gather in prayer and heartfelt intention to prepare for ceremony with Abuelito with Maestro Kucho. Snacks will be provided. You will have the rest of day to explore the majesty of these sacred sites. Back in town enjoy dinner on your own* then explore, or relax and integrate for the evening.

Day 9 - Pachar Temple Portal and Coca Kintu Offerings, Cusco

Morning train back to Ollantaytambo. Lunch will be provided in Urubamba We then return to Cusco where we’ll check-in to Casa de La Gringa before an afternoon hike to Pachar temple which is recognized as a portal to other dimensions. There we will give Coca Kintu offerings to Pachamama beginning the integration of this deeply healing journey to prepare for the next chapter in our life’s great adventure. In the evening, enjoy dinner on your own** in Cusco.

Day 10 - Temples of the Moon and Heart, Q’ero Cleansing Ceremony, Cusco

Morning hike to Temple of the Heart and Temple of the Moon; powerful Incan shrines on the outskirts of Cusco. We will have an individual cleansing and group closing ceremony with Q’ero healers, Luis and Juan Quispe, and an integration circle with the Heart Wisdom Team. Following lunch, we will return to Casa de la Gringa where you can have optional sessions* with our practitioners or go shop to your hearts content. In the evening, we gather together as the Heart Wisdom family to celebrate the completion of this sacred journey with a special dinner, dancing and live traditional Andean music (instruments are available for purchase).

Day 11 - Departure Day

A farewell breakfast followed by goodbyes and mid-morning shuttle to transfer you to Cusco airport. If you’re continuing your journey in Peru then please arrange ongoing transportation.