Russell Feingold,

Master Teacher of Heart Wisdom

Russell Feingold is a modern day Shaman and master healer. Born with the profound gift of being highly energetically sensitive, Russell had a mystical experience at the age of twenty that awakened him to a reality he never could have imagined. Life then took him on a journey of discovering how to integrate his awakening into daily life, work and relationships. He now expertly guides others on the path of integration.

As you go through your own awakening process, you may find challenges come up with integration into the reality of your own life as you integrate your awakening into your work and your relationships.

How do you live what you know is true in a world when what is true for you is so foreign to most everyone else?

When you engage with Russell, he will guide you to unravel the stress, tension and fear that may have kept you from living the life you know is really possible.

Over the last fifteen years, Russell has become a master of his craft through personally helping thousands of people including many of the leaders you know in the world of spirituality and personal development, such as Debbie Ford, Marcelyne Dyer, Arielle Ford and Andrew Harvey.

What is Heart Wisdom?

Heart Wisdom is our authentic truth and the process of unveiling it is the alchemy of universal intelligence penetrating the heart of the human experience.

Heart Wisdom is the spiritual nourishmentthat fuels the evolution of mind, body and soul. Yet many of us operate quite functionally without it. We cruise along changing lanes and eventually we get from point A to point B. We fill our tanks with water, food, air and sleep, which seems to give us all the fuel we need to get by on this journey that we call life. What many of us don’t realize is that we also need a different kind of fuel, a high-grade premium version that we can only access through a certain kind of pump.

Without the fuel of Heart Wisdom, life can feel like an awful lot of work.

Instead of tapping into the well of awareness that resides within us, we have to analyze everything, figure it all out in our heads; we must generate enough energy to do what is required of us, and we often feel as if we have to do it all alone.

Without a steady connection to our own Heart Wisdom, we get tired and stressed as we struggle to survive. We suffer, spiritually and mentally, and as a result, we are unable to make clear choices that truly serve us, or fully access our purpose. More often than not, we end up in relationships that are unfulfilling and unhappy.

Why is this?
Quite simply, it’s because the wisdom that comes through your heart centers and focuses your energy, your body and your mind towards dynamic functioning and fulfillment by guiding you, not into being what you think, or wish you were, but towards what you truly are.

When you are connected to your heart, you feel, think and respond differently to the experiences that unfold in your life.

There are still challenges to overcome and issues to work through, but the wisdom of the heart provides you with profound and endless resources to engage and experience life with grace.

Awaken to the wisdom of your heart and you’re the experience of your life will be great, no matter what is unfolding on a day to day basis. When we are awakened to Heart Wisdom, our lives go from struggle to flow.

Some people call it the innate wisdom of the universe, the divine instruction that comes from the source: God, the Goddess, Allah, Buddha, the Great Spirit, or the Ancient ones. The name you call it is irrelevant, what matters is that you recognize that there is intelligence that exists, and that with its help we harmonize with the world, flow fast on premium fuel and cruise along in the fast lane.

Awakening to our heart’s wisdom and taking action based on its intelligence activates the occurrence of synchronicity in our lives. Suddenly, as you become clear – the Universe begins conspiring to support you and you discover all your needs are always met!

Most of us are stuck in the belief that our personal intelligence is greater, that the human mind is the best tool for figuring out the wisest choice.

The mind is a super computer, ideal for analyzing data, not so great at ascertaining what will serve most on a soul level.

Awaken to your heart and discover a deeper connection, the opening of a channel, that provides you with access to the deep wisdom that flows to us all day, every day, if only we are available to listen and receive it. These messages cannot be heard through our ears; in order to understand that words of wisdom that are coming to us, we must listen in a different way; with a clear and open heart.

Only the heart can hear what will bring us true fulfillment, peace and true power.